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A Similar Name

A Similar Name

written by: Rich



Kurt Cochrane didn’t seek fame
It was just him, his heroine, and a
Similar Name
The one from Seattle twenty-three years since he lost his battle
No the Kurt that was hurt was from Salt Lake City
His family’s overwhelmed with the outpouring Love and Pity
Struck on that bridge on their first trip abroad
Missy’s broken leg and ribs hard to absorb
Tied together for 25 years this whistle-stop tour of Europe had held no fears
As brother Clint explains outside Scotland yard this news has really hit us hard
Kurt so loved the human race always trying to make the world a better place
We as a family bear no ill feeling ask not why or who
Kurt lived life thinking only positive and that’s what we
will try to do. Thank you


On hearing about this tragedy by way of news paper it struck me that the victim had a name similar name to a tragic rock star, but what struck me much more was the forgiveness of his wife and family.

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