A White Wedding, poetry by Hank Moody at Spillwords.com
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A White Wedding

A White Wedding

written by: Hank Moody



She was standing,
Standing there in her beautiful dress.
It was like many times before only this time it was a Wedding Dress.
So perfect,
So Beautiful.
I couldn’t help but think
“It should be me beside her, not him.”

I loved her-
I was so much better for her than he was.
I could hear her voice in my head at that very moment.
“That’s your ego, Henry-
-Let it go.”

The Priest spoke
“If anyone has reason these two should not be married-
-Speak Now-
-or forever hold your peace”
That word…
I couldn’t handle it.
Along with her condescending stare.

I rose,
Walked towards the door.
The last thing I heard before I got outside of the church was-
“You may now kiss the bride.”
I entered my car
-Under my breath-
“I love you Marilyn”
Drove away.



A poetic piece of A White Wedding

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