Abandoned, written by Valkyrie Kerry at Spilwords.com



written by: Valkyrie Kerry



Don’t come closer, nor sniff at me, nor stare woefully with those sad, soppy eyes. You won’t win my heart! I have been burned before; scars still etch all over from lost love. I know your sort; I will take you out, you will cost money, plead for attention and almost inevitably leave me with nothing but a river of my own tears.

Don’t come closer, peering through those bars asking me to adopt you. Your last Mistress may have abandoned you, I will outlive you. I said ‘Goodbye,’ before. Can I go through it again? Shall I sign now?



I self-published this tale in a collection and own the copyrights. The collection is available on Amazon, KOBO, Apple and Kindle under the title; ‘Pole to Pole.’

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