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written by: Valkyrie Kerry



Don't come closer, nor sniff at me, nor stare woefully with those sad, soppy eyes. You won’t win my heart! I have been burned before; scars still etch all over from lost love. I know your sort; I will take you out, you will cost money, plead for attention and almost inevitably leave me with nothing but a river of my own tears.

Don't come closer, peering through those bars asking me to adopt you. Your last Mistress may have abandoned you, I will outlive you. I said 'Goodbye,' before. Can I go through it again? Shall I sign now?



I self-published this tale in a collection and own the copyrights. The collection is available on Amazon, KOBO, Apple and Kindle under the title; 'Pole to Pole.'

Valkyrie Kerry

Valkyrie Kerry

‘Valkyrie’ Kerry Kelly is a multi-graduate, wife, mum of five and bipolar survivor. She lives in Mayo, Ireland and writing is her passion. She is a philanthropist and philosopher and does not shy away from expressing both exceptional beauty and deep controversy. Kerry has had poetry published in 'Peeking Cat,' 'TigerShark,' 'Plum Tree Tavern,' 'Eskimo Pie,' 'Love Letters,' 'Wicked Words' and '19,751 Words.' Her short stories have appeared in 'Paragraph Planet,' 'Entropy Squared' and 'Short Break Fiction.' Kerry’s debut as an editor proved highly successful with 'Stan and Ellen’s Grand Opus' reaching Number One in the Chapbook Charts.
Valkyrie Kerry

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