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written by: Tery  Dailey


THAT HEART IS IN PIECES!! It arrived as a parcel with postage due... Each manila envelope is partially packed with devastated palpitations. My God it survives!
The Ripping of paper reveals textures of blood lusted damnation rendering me speechless. I stare, yet I'm still starving for words that others had left unsaid. It's dying not dead, but a funeral is expected. With respect, these neglected valves pulsate with dated hate.
Is this HUMANE? That broken heart still remains shattered. Ventricular veins and chewed matter are withering watch them quiver. I consider murder due to misery but I heard her beat.
Can She?
Will She?
THUMP THUMP THUMP the elated vibrations sing for a savior and my behavior compels me to save her I'm gasping for air but grasp the gnawed FLESH for compression.
(It's still fresh) and in succession reflects the aggressions of this lady's life. Squeezing clotted arteries half rotted hearts like these,
No daggers.
No knives. holding them above chest the parts become possessed to survive...
Her Love?




(WARNING) this Poem Is not for the faint of heart, labeled NONFICTION.
I had come home from work to check my mail and a female That I will not name was sitting on my steps, her eyes blackened and lip busted from her man. Her hair was cut off unevenly from the previous night because he had sat on her chest as he had cut it with scissors, he said if she leaves he would kill her...
This is my personal poetic perspective of the incident that followed...


Terry Dailey

Terry Dailey

I have been writing three years
Devoted to the art to convey emotion within a write
Terry Dailey

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