Tomorrow Man, a poem written by Tery Dailey at

Tomorrow Man

Tomorrow Man

written by: Tery Dailey


Thinking back on all I’ve done.  An awkward teen, that playful son.

Memorizing alphabets, rewinding minds and swinging sets.

Skipping Days to see no sorrow. Because Yesterdays were time I borrowed.

I started within today’s attack. Its HEART and SKIN to pay them back.

The thoughts I’ve had and things I’ve seen they brought me to a time machine.

Not checking dates just going to be. Can’t wait to meet tomorrow me.

I’m going to be Tomorrows man there is no past that is my plan.

I took a seat I pushed the power.  The seconds passing, minutes, hours.

Todays just won’t be around they’ll say they put me in the ground.

But that’s not true.

We will meet again. I’ll know you through tomorrow’s friend.

I’ll touch your life then disappear to let you know tomorrow’s here…



Through the ages the only known fact promised by time is death… yet it will continue to tick on.

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