All That! written by Kia Jones at

All That!

All That!

written by: Kia Jones



When you get hurt, travelling through life,
When your days seem filled, with trouble and strife.
Listen to the song your spirit sings,
Feel the comforting wrap, of your angels wings.

You are never alone, although you may not see,
We are always with you, we hear your pleas.
But experience you must, all the good and the bad,
yet it breaks our hearts, to see you looking so sad.

We do what we can, to soften the blow,
But a soul needs challenges to help it to grow.
We promise this moment won’t last too long,
Just enough time to make you strong.

You’ll know when it’s over, things will be clear,
Clarity and insight, replaces confusion and fear.
The path becomes straight, the mountains lay flat,
And your soul shines brighter because,
You did ALL THAT!

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