Angel Or Demon? written by Cristina Munoz at

Angel Or Demon?

Angel Or Demon?

written by: Cristina Munoz



i found myself 
fully awake
standing by the foot 
of my single bed 
staring stunned 
over my still body
breathing deeply 
under the sheets
definitely fast asleep
if this was a vivid dream 
it was unlike any before  
as aside from being 
in two different spots
even though it was night
my bedroom was lit up brighter 
than by morning sunlight

a tall tall being 
of brilliant white pure light 
stood by my bed 
looking directly at me 
as if an actual angel
he wore white flowing robes
with his long light brown hair
falling past his slim shoulders  
somehow i understood he felt
sincerely delighted to be with me
as if he knew and loved me
since the moment i was born
i wasn’t afraid at all

he smiled then held out
his glowing hand to me
without words i knew
he wanted me to take hold
of his hand and go with him,
joy, peace, happiness, love
flooded through me 
as i agreed 
smiling right back at him

i was about to leave 
willingly with him
until i thought,
“What happens if i go with you?”
when a different definitely male voice
warned loudly and clearly,
i let go of his hand 
hesitating as it didn’t feel like
he intended on hurting me 
let alone kill me only the voice 
which came out of nowhere 
sounded true so i said,
“Really? No way, no no no
i don’t want to die, i’m only nineteen,
i haven’t done anything with my life yet…”
whoosh i felt myself return into my skin
literally feeling my face sink back 
into my physical face on my pillow
waking up immediately
remembering everything
was he an angel or demon?
or something else entirely?
whose voice did i hear?
would i have died or not?
i still don’t know



If you have had something like this happen to you please leave a comment and let me know what happened. Thank you.

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