Appetite For Life, poetry by Eliza Segiet at
Lukas Rychvalsky

Appetite For Life

Appetite For Life

written by: Eliza Segiet

translated by: Dorota Stępińska


Every sunless afternoon
rumbling in his mind,
reminded him of that joy
which he had to hide from the world.

Can the truth be hidden in silence?

The infatuation,
was not a fairy tale.
It was real,
almost within reach,
only lacking courage, a decision
and something else.

How was he supposed to say
that he had found a trip of his dreams?
How to decide
to go
when there is nothing in the wallet?
He probably didn’t even need one.

However, he realised that
in the sun or rain,
on a cloudy or bright day
one has to work
so that the appetite for life
ceased to be just a name.

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