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written by: Sheri M. Stewart


You stand apart from the others.
Some long ago event
tried to knock you down,
rip you from the Earth,
throw you to the water.

But still you clung.
Young determined roots
refusing to yield.
You stayed tethered,
refusing liquid death.

Many storms weathered,
roots grew to firmer ground,
occasionally kissing the water’s face,
reaching outward,
stretching into unknown space.

Footing now secured,
your limbs yearn for the sun.
Efforts turn skyward,
time slowly turns
as you continue to grow.

Ever skyward you reach.
Ever onward you grow.
Trunk thickening to belly the water,
leaves gathering the sun’s slanting rays,
into strong tangled roots.

Now you stand,
apart from your peers,
bent but not broken,
strong and beautiful,
kissing water, sun and skies.

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