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Broken Things

Broken Things

written by: Alexa Cleasby



I like them broken and strange.
I like them knotted and tarnished.
I pick up a new one between thumb and forefinger.
Rounded through time and smooth to the touch.
But it doesn’t feel quite right. It doesn’t leave a mark on my skin. Put it back with the others and it’s instantly lost in the swell.

And I forgot to put on my seatbelt that day.

I am trouble with stray ideas.
I am a crowd with distractions.
I am a chorus of arguing voices.
Small things are swept aside like dust out the door.

And whole stretches of road passed by without memory.

I think the same thoughts, day after day.
I chase them down holes and herd them in gnarled twisting circles. But I never quite catch up and I never quite soften.

And I drove too fast on those lonely old roads. And I thought I was invincible in my red metal cage.

I am a fox and the hounds are behind me.
I am me and then not me, slipping in the in-between, and out the other side.
I can see the person I want to be
I’ll run faster, write clearer, talk smoother. I’ll learn how to fly.

And I did fly that day. Like a ballerina I flew through blood splattered glass.
The window exploded in sharp confetti sparks. A thousand tiny rainbows danced across the tarmac.

And there were flashes of lights.
And there were crying sirens.
And there were stretched out voices like hands through the dark.

I am sheared snapped plastic with metal crunching teeth. I wanted your edges and I wanted you to bite. But when I left, you crumbled.

And slowly I become like them. Just another broken thing. But if someone remembers me, I don’t care if the rest forget.

Alexa Cleasby

Alexa Cleasby

Writer of short stories, strange tales, poetry and jumbled up words.
Squeezing my first love into every corner of life.
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