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Choose A Christmas Tree

Choose A Christmas Tree

written by: N. K. Hasen



Like a maze I travel through the dense pines
In search for the one that every kid gets to pick out
Once a year in the cold winter season.
From one pine tree to another
I dart to and forth for an eight year old
Too many Christmas trees to behold.
Which one to choose,
How big should it be?
Should it be skinny?
Should it be fat?
How about this one,
No maybe this one over here.
Around the bend I finally see
The perfect Christmas tree for me.
In the center stands the tree,
The one for our home to be.
Excitedly I wait as father cuts it down.
Drag it through the snow
To where the car is found.
Strap it to the car,
Off we go home with tree in tow.

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