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Courting Medusa's Wink

written by: Asceticquill


I'm trapped in a scream
holding a bleeding dream
dribbling along on a
whimpering drub that beats
scars of acidic misery,

tethered to a burning carnival
another stinging guillotine
stringing along yesteryear cadavers
looping in con-natural travesties
of elegiac velveteen chaos
a heuristic conundrum
blessed by omniscience
my pith is bankrupt
chapter thirteen
now I'm clean,

away from your audacity
I sip the nectar that
drips and rips an incognito rift
from the honey nether lips of lonely.

May the wind whisper
perpetual daydreams
through your velvet pump
of counterfeit winsomeness,

sleeping in God's respire
wrapped by stars of my
poetic symmetry.

Intercede this icosagon
of complexity with tyranny
scorched desolation breeds
ambit epiphanies slip and sieve
in a pentagram gambit
sharia dismantles my chakra
fettered to snickering resilience,

now rise as a caged phantom
that fondles the innocence
of a man's last stand
holding on to hope
as it vapors to fade
in the silent pyre
of your Gomorra eyes.

Now look away.



Just sharing rhetorical reflections.

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