Danny's Orbit at 47, a poem by John Grey at Spillwords.com

Danny’s Orbit at 47

Danny’s Orbit at 47

written by: John Grey


Ignoring the evidence
of his birth-certificate,

he was a shy boy
with a pensive heart,

a faraway mind,
who lived a life

kept pure and young
by constant forays into wilderness,

with no-one to censure
the child-like yearnings,

passionate instincts
and intuitions,

that everyone else his age
had long since abandoned.

What befuddled psychologist
could possibly enter his essence,

pluck out text-book bullets,
replace the man who

never grew up
with a theory.

He sniffed wildflowers,
slept under the trees,

swam naked in the lake
and gave all the animals names.

It was enough that seasons changed,
the sun rose and fell.

It never occurred to him
to be understood.

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