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Death of a Poet (Steven L Carr)

Death of a Poet

(Steven L Carr)

written by: David L Painter


A poet passed away yesterday
someone you may not have heard of,
He was just another slinger of words
but in a most marvelous way.
You see he had a knack for arranging words
so when the reader finished
the words become alive.

He was a peculiar fellow,
kept to himself and was always
scribbling on pieces of paper.
But he had a ready smile
and would ask what you thought of his latest
poem as he handed it to you.
He would come into the coffee shop
order something to drink
then spend the whole day sitting at the
corner table by the window
comprising his beautiful works,
he was a master of his craft.
A poet passed away yesterday
I write something beforehand
that could be read at my funeral.
“I was a caring soul, who loved words
my poems were my children
that I cherished,
it was a wonderful love affair
with those words
that ended much too soon.
As I lay here, it is not the end of my journey
but only a comma in the middle
of my story.”

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