I Won't Forget My Classroom Globes... poetry by Dmitriy Belyanin at Spillwords.com

I Won’t Forget My Classroom Globes…

I Won’t Forget My Classroom Globes…

written by: Dmitriy Belyanin


I won’t forget my classroom globes.
All distances have grown too far.
Who’s going to grasp my trembling notes,
My gush of words, my wounds and scars?

Now miles apart from many friends,
News differ that we read and hear.
How much we wished child years to end
In sun and rain, grown days to near.

To different hymns we now stand up,
In different temples though we pray,
But nice, sweet care for friends won’t stop:
No bickering on a slippery day!

This life did strap our legs at times:
Between a rock and a hard place
We’d walk in spite of pain, grow wise,
Find strength in youth and keep our pace.

And we remembered those old days
We sent strong greetings through the Net,
We kept on smiling, lived our ways,
Found joy in photos and cassettes.

Though solo files now roam online:
They stroll across a world that’s vast,
More warmth that lasts for long I’ll find
To send to buddies from my past!

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