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Defy The Gods

Defy the Gods

written by: Nobby66



Is happiness an earthbound illusion?
made up to cause human confusion
by spiteful Gods who should know better,
they’ll make you wish you’d never met her.
Cross your heart and hope to fly
ask her out,
don’t be shy.
Defy cruel Zeus and stone-eyed Medusa
wash your feet, wear clean socks
tell Pandora to shut her box.
Cha cha, rumba and jive her tight,
caress her cheek in veiled moonlight.
Ruddy-rouged lips kiss sparks to yours
eclectic electric runs through your pores.
Nowty spectres can’t match true d’amour
when the power of passion is free to roar.
Hades and Hera?
sulking, gone
two hearts swelled to merge as one.



Write poems of all genres, particularly narrative writes about people, life events and the world we live in. Haikus and Tankas when I can. Like short stories too, a little drama and monologue works also in my stuff.
Reside in the Dark Kingdom of Lancashire, England.

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