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written by: Dilip Mohapatra



I picked up the chisel
from my toolbox
and carved your face
out of the dense mist
that ensued from my
vaporous dreams
and then I sculpted your arms
that engulfed me
to hold me in a python’s hold.

Then I picked up my claw hammer
and searched for the brightest stars
from the galaxy
and pulled out two
that blinked benignly
to transplant on your face
to give you sight.

Then your eyes come to life
and flash up
and with one stroke
of your incinerating gaze
you erase my presence
you obliterate my existence
and turn me into glowing cinders
that soon whimper and sputter
and reduce into formless ashes
to be blown away
by a whiff of wayward wind
and I am lost forever
in an endless oblivion.

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