Sunset on The Lake written by TM Arko at

Sunset On The Lake

Sunset on The Lake

written by: TM Arko



The muddied moving glasslike liquid
Lusters in the setting sun
A solitary silent boat floats still among the movement
Four ducks bounce on the wind swept waves

The sun moves faster changing from bright yellow to blazing orange
And then a darker orange
Pouring into the lake like an evening cordial

Reflected like an egg yolk dying on the water
As the color fades the stillness thickens
The lake disappears in darkness

Until the stars come out to dance
And they shimmer against the moving screen of water

You and I sit on a bench by the shore and watch this show
As the daytime turns to nighttime
We hold hands and laugh
The sound of our laughing bounces off the sky
And drowns in the starlit water

TM Arko

TM Arko

I live in the Pacific Northwest. A small community with farms and antique shops. Lots of rivers and lakes and these are some of the themes I like. I am a technical writer by trade so poetry offers me an escape from the more mundane industrial articles I work on day to day. I love music and am a classic rock fanatic. Love good books and stories too.
TM Arko

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