Demons of The Night, poetry written by Rayna More at
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Demons of The Night

Demons of The Night

written by: Rayna More


I watch him close,
I’m standing still,
I see him from this windowsill
of sadness.

He shuts his eyes,
he pops a pill,
waiting for the evil thrill
of “fun”.

I turn away,
unable to look,
as he takes these evil crooks
of madness.

His eyes flutter,
heart beats faster,
his body obeying its deadly master,

It hurts my heart,
to see such a sight,
what a painful, worrying night,

He tries to get,
what he wants to be,
a bubbling joy of ecstasy,

For he cannot become,
what he naturally is,
a true beauty of amazingness,

He doesn’t see,
who he is already,
I don’t know how to keep him steady,

I’m here for him,
but maybe it isn’t enough,
for he continues to take this horrible stuff,
help me.

I need him here,
what can I do?
for he doesn’t believe what’s true is true,
help him.

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