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written by: hedgehog


Winter was all but over with
Snow melting, trees with icicles hanging
Like downward pointing daggers
Litter from the market just finished
Plastic cups and take-aways
Sea gulls fighting over leftover chips
Drunks deposit “Pavement-pizzas”*
A pair of knickers, a single stiletto shoe
Reminders of last night’s alcohol shooters
Rubbish strewn flower beds trampled
Daffodils golden blooms fighting
Their way through plastic pollution
I lay on the ground hurt and afraid
Where the thugs had thrown me
They had shown me my weakness
Hostile city streets black and dirty
I’m homeless destitute and afraid
Raising my battered, bleeding body
Feet shuffling, kicking beer cans
I walk alone, despair my daily fear
Nowhere warm to lay my head
Foxes have cosy holes to live in,
A Cardboard box my only abode


*  [Sic] on the pavement

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