Dishes Must Be Twelve, poem by Kate Figurska at
Libby Penner

Dishes Must Be Twelve

Dishes Must Be Twelve

written by: Kate Figurska



You might just choose a place to live,
But you cannot choose tradition.
So, we celebrate a Christmas Eve,
And we do so with great exposition.
We might not have, around the house
Shenanigans of a cheerful elf,
But for weeks we’ll talk in stressful growls,
‘Cause the dishes must be twelve.

We decorate our evergreens as late as it can be,
It must last a long time, till the end of Carnival.
We put the star, not angel, on top of Christmas tree.
Gifts will bring not Santa, but kind of Star-man pal.
We sit to dinner table when we see the first star shine,
We share our wishes and some pieces of a sacramental bread.
We’ll eat a plenty, drink dry-fruit compote and some honey wine.
For a wandering soul we have a spare plate, that’s already set.

When the Christmas Eve ends altogether,
And we’re done with our Christmas Eve cahoots,
We’ll be singing Christmas carols together,
Cherishing our Polish roots.

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