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Divine Eyes

Divine Eyes

written by: Sonali Majumdar


She weaves magic with her words
Tapestry of a rainbow fog
An enchanted string
Two sun-kissed wings
Take me to the skies above

With her, the flight is relentlessly high
Limitless, it’s infinite
A flock of birds, milk-white
Fly by my eyes
A cloud of silver is a passerby

A ray of hope
A drop of love
Divine eyes, my anchors of trust
Her hands of faith
Hold me steadfast

My tainted soul unravels fast
My bare bones
Can feel the thrust
Of high winds
Of strange dust

A look in her eyes, worth a million words
I drink from a sea, our souls submerge
She teaches me without a word
Quintessential themes of
Rapturous love

Ecstatic now, a difficult return
To the pungent plane
Of reality
Of this illusory world

Her thoughts linger
And linger along
My day dims
And shadows loom

I dream of her
I wake with her
My introduction
To my inner soul is done.

She is me
I am her
Under a spell
We are one and everywhere.

And alone in my hospital bed I lie
With tubes and wires by and by
Was this a near death experience as they say?
Am I dead or am I alive?


( Copyright. All Rights Reserved. Sonali Majumdar. 2018.)

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