Drowning written Brian Wayne Smith by at Spillwords.com



written by: Brian Wayne Smith



Standing at the shores of my mind; testing the waters of my thoughts.
While waiting for the waves of emotions to draw me in.
I walk further into the sea of my thoughts.
The memory of life’s best shining on my face like a tropical sun kissing my skin.
Embracing the breeze of what once was or what could have been.
Smelling and tasting the saltiness of how it is now and what I fear will become.
I can’t continue living a cycle that gets me nowhere.
Kneeling, in the water, to pray to a God that I know will hear my prayers.
I’m in too deep.
The rip current of my anger is trying to pull me deeper into the sea of despair.
Lord what do I need to do?
I’m fighting to stay afloat.
My instincts are to fight or flight though I’m begging for a life jacket and a boat.
Hear my cry.
It’s almost too late.

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