Embrace From 2000 Miles, poetry by Don Knowles at Spillwords.com
Taneli Lahtinen

Embrace From 2000 Miles

Embrace From 2000 Miles

written by: Don Knowles



Within your grace
And upon your will
I rest my head waiting for release
From all that I forgive each day
Due to the ignorance of men and wild whims of nature

Is all I trust lessons that were taught
Or do my instincts take over from my intellectual ignorance of pain and the hate
I rest my head on your warm sensibilities
Hearing your breath pour from each thought
Feeling the embrace of all my present and past relatives through your voice
As I a Nestle in the arms of genetic history
Cradled in the spiraled chromosomes of those that gave me this strong will
And this dark brown hair turning to white
And this Wonderlust that will someday bring me back to you



For Ruth C Stroud, my maternal grandmother who gave everything she could to love and guide us on this world of woe.

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