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written by: L.M.Giannone



out of the darkest corners,
and most remote regions,
from behind the shadows,
and dustiest cobwebs,
my reliable companion,
through my highest highs and lowest lows
guiding me
appearing when least expected
doing what you do
just being yourself
the only way you know how to be
my muse,
my inspiration,
the fire in my eyes,
the wind behind my sails,
pushing me to lengths and depths
I never thought possible
your alluring green eyes
pierce straight through my heart
driving me to the boundaries of ecstasy,
my motivation,
illuminating my path,
opening doors, ever the gentleman,
your subtle ethereal presence
omnipresent in its influence
yet soft as a tender kiss
the stimulus behind my achievements
your influence knows no bounds
such a profound impact
to see,
and sense you,
extending my hands to capture you
preventing you from slipping like sand
through my ravenous fingers

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