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written by: Jacqueline De Notogh


All that I am and seek to become

Lies within the mystery of my soul

Can we have knowledge of ourselves

Any more than we can have knowledge of each other.


The frailty of life challenges me to know myself

What I am and what I may be

Growth is inevitable, like a flower or blade of grass

Yet do we not grow in ignorance regardless.


What makes my soul different from millions of others

Can I discover my uniqueness?

In a world where we yearn to compare & compete

Can I accept that I may be lacking?


I assume my soul is actualised in my being

But am I chasing a ghost which haunts me

And leads me on a journey of self-discovery

In which there is no beginning or end.


Being lost inside my soul seems inevitable

We all fight against our weaknesses

Yet we do not all celebrate our strengths

Can we tell the difference?


I am searching for my spirituality

That which makes me who and what I am

A being like no other on this earth

If I cannot find it, is my existence worthless?

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