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Eternal Unsleep

Eternal Unsleep

written by: Marie Scampini



Devil wolves hunting
in the Forest of Fear
attacking meek sheep
with their jagged claws
and razor jaws
tearing their flesh
to puddles of pulp with a pulse

when full and fat
these devil wolves
licking their claws clean
of the blood of the innocent
tried to fall asleep

How do you count zilch sheep to sleep in hell adjacent?

the gory holy ghosts of the sheep
invoked the power of a merciless moon
attacking the devil wolves in their dreams
biting their ears
taking a match with their murderous words and mouth
“Burn in the hellfire of your birth beyond your death!”
setting fire to the devil wolves
to burn them in their coats
flames licking their bellies
sinister smoke swirling in a deviant dance
the devil wolves howled blood curdling screams
until the souls of the sheep were released
in the embers
in the ash
the ghost sheep lifted their singed flesh
and with angels golden thread
sewed themselves together again
and roamed the Forest of Fear
as Zealous Zombies
unkillable kings of the undead
excruciating executors of Eternal Unsleep
where devil wolves fear to tread
their souls to keep

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