Faithful, a poem written by Richard Grahn at



written by: Richard Grahn


the baker’s shop
is empty
I bought its last
loaf of bread
now the hungry
stare at me
with hollow eyes
they ask me
how it happened
this miscarriage
of balance

I’m walking home
a trail of breadcrumbs
right up to my door
children follow
plucking from the earth
a taste
is all that matters to them
the motion
of a wave
over sand

we all break bread
what’s left of it
the lonely and the one
we dance
around the empty well
a taste of dough
and sand
in our mouths

the thirsty
raise their cups
and pray for summer rain
we throw our coins
into the well
drink our tears
and fall asleep
believing that when
the sun comes up
the baker’s hands
will once again
knead our daily bread 

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