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Fall Into Me

Fall Into Me

written by: Rob Clark



Fall into me
And I won’t try to complete you
Pour it all into me
And I won’t ever try to keep you
Because I know you dream too
And oh what dreams do
The static they scream through
Let’s just share the air
Both aware we don’t need the other there
To know we care
Love isn’t a face designated
Nor a place or destination
It’s a taste with no reservations
That isn’t measured with equations
Never hasted, forever patient
It’s not a pleasure for craving
It’s a treasure that’s never
Possessed by the other
Instead it’s shared
And from yours
it becomes words
Better when tasted
On your lips
In the softness of your kiss
Time has stopped
And I’m caught in its bliss


To me love isn’t something we possess of someone else. It’s shared with us, to possess it, or possess someone else, is a selfish approach. Love is selfless. It’s the highest frequency emotion we convey into the energy field that connects us with each other and everything that IS.

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