Fear And Loathing In West Yorkshire, by Amel Bashford at Spillwords.com

Fear And Loathing In West Yorkshire

Fear And Loathing In West Yorkshire

written by: Amel Bashford


Doctor doctor I need your help
I can’t stand feeling like myself,
Is there nothing you can prescribe
To cure me of this wretched life?

My case is hopeless can’t you see?
Living between despair and apathy
So spare me your pseudo-sympathetic sighs
I can’t sit and swallow your lullaby lies

Where others are rising I can’t help but fall
I can barely stand under the shame of it all
My existence is a joke, my hope out of sight
The light in my eyes slowly turning to night

Life is passing me in a futile race
I can barely keep up in the gathering haze
All matured and medicated
The fight in me has been sedated

But though I fear the light at the end
Right now it seems, to be my only friend
And when I go and take my leave
Please promise you won’t remember me

The tired question I can’t help but repeat
Is draining a mind that’s already weak
Oh doctor doctor won’t you please assist
Could you live your life like this?

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