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written by: Rochishmon



You and your people belong to this, this is your world
Love and revere this without fail, it is the finer world

We and our kin and kith live and live, this is our world
For you and I a God-given abode, it is the richer world

Nationality is better but internationality is the best
We have to give our best always, it is the super world

Spoil not the soil, the whole big land is for one and all
Pictures, many and very many, it is the wonder world

We receive and receive things a lot from this land
We must not forsake and forget, it is a power-world

Nobility is nectar, have it, die not, stay here forever
As a noble human live on this, it is but forever world

Rochishmon, wants true kindness from every mind
Tomorrow, mankind should dwell in the safer world

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