Goblin in Eden, poetry by Amadi Andy Amadi at Spillwords.com
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Goblin in Eden

Goblin in Eden

written by: Amadi Andy Amadi


Eden is now a lonely place, a lowly place.
Desire is a dangerous distraction
it breeds evil reaction and a craving for un-delayed satisfaction.

Goblin in bespoke suit and a disarming smile.
A saint cannot rebuff their scintillating sublimity.
Mortals cannot ponder that, such refinement and iteration of moral rectitude
could prey on the weak and vulnerable.

There is nothing more seductive than the promise of
fine company and engaging conversation.
A harmless invitation to a social soiree
followed by a little detour to retrieve a rare book that would change her life.

We are all intrigued by the mysterious and the vague.

So she sipped innocently from that doomed golden chalice you poisoned with sleep and quenched her inhibition.
In feeble acceptance devoid of choice, she saw the randy Goblin discard the queen’s apparels and plundered her full fields.

You opened her pot and stole her honey,
with your calloused tongue you tasted her lips and drank her wine.
Entering her sacred doors reserved only for the one she deems worthy.

You spilt your sinister seed of sin that stained her soul.

Calling you a rogue would be kind,
dastards show more courage than you,
you represent all that is gravely despicable, foul, idiotic and profane.

She will rise again and overcome this incident and mistake,
But you will never be worthy of her,
you can never be capable of wooing her or winning her royal affection,
for that is what real men do.

The hands of justice has come for you,
feigned repentance will not deceive.
Recompense shall be taken,
your reward shall no one endure.

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