The Quiet Room, prose by Larry Tyler at
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The Quiet Room

The Quiet Room

written by: Larry Tyler


The quiet room is a place I go to where I can get in touch with my quiet self. It is a somewhat barren room with just an old leather chair. The windows have no curtains so I can look out into my garden.

The water on the lake is still and reflects the morning sun. You can see the ducks and geese swimming on the lake. The birds are coming in for their morning feeding. Their songs, a symphony of sound that makes you pause and listen.

The quiet room is where I sit and embrace the calm. The view and the sounds are only those that nature creates. It is a time to reach inside and feel the peace. I always hear that we need to get in touch with ourselves. I am not sure if that can truly describe the quiet room but I do feel the calm and tranquility. I feel a powerful sense of confidence and I am reassured that I am ready to greet the day.

I carry with me my knowledge, my toolbox of skill sets learned and developed over a lifetime. You can feel the energy but it is a calm steady flowing current. I am ready to own my day, own my emotions, and own how I treat the people I engage during this day. I am ready to embrace the now. It is time.

We all have or should have a place we go to find our calm and reflect upon the things that make us who we are. We need this place to get ourselves ready, our emotional content ready, to get our body relaxed, and to go into the world with our best self-present. How we own this process, own our actions and emotions daily are a direct response to how our thoughts and emotions align. We must decide that we control our thoughts, actions, and emotions.

When we take the time consistently to sit quietly alone, when we go to our quiet place and connect we have prepared our best self to greet the world. When we have clarity of mind we are better in our personal life and in our business life. We make better decisions, present an inspiring energy, engage the people we meet, and work in a more calm state of mind. We are better prepared to give and to receive life’s gifts.

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