Green Mop, a poem written by Dan Leicht at

Green Mop

Green Mop

written by: Dan Leicht



Life is like a wet mop
always filthy always dirty
no matter how often you clean
the world around you is always covered in some sort of grime.
The mop is green and delivered in a bundle of a dozen
other identical mops—each one trying to meander
through the corridors of the day, from light to dark.
A spill happens and your back cracks as you do your best to encounter
the trouble, but you’re tired, you’ve just cleaned another mess
and it’s not even your third cup of the day yet.
Routine is the savior of existence,
once you’re used to what the world has to offer
you become more willing to clean it up, more confident
you’re the one for the job. You’re going to change
the world,
but—someone in the cubicle beside you
forgot to order something—it’s critical—so
you drop everything to help them because you’re in their wedding
in two months
and you’ve managed to find a date,
can’t risk screwing up the photo-op…. A sigh of relief
(and one phone call complete with jazz hold music later
the crisis is averted—Great Job!
You’ve mopped up the mess.

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