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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

written by: Bhupinder Kaur Gill


We wait
Happily for midnight
To wish each other
Happy New Year

We wait
For our lives
To magically change
Once it strikes midnight

We wait
In anticipation
For better health, better relationships, a better job

Hope is held tightly
For the new year to begin
So we can be whisked away
Into a happy life
We wait 12 months
For life to begin anew

Hope is needed
To keep us alive

It’s a good thing
There is a New Year every Year

Wishing you
A Happy New Year.

Bhupinder Kaur Gill

Bhupinder Kaur Gill

Bhupinder Kaur Gill resides in Toronto, Canada. She has a M.Sc., R.N. and M.Ed. Bhupinder was raised by very spiritual parents. Her mother especially imbibed her with strong spiritual teachings and her father taught her the value of education. Bhupinder practices the meditation of Sant Mat. What is most enjoyable about Bhupinder’s poetry is that readers are inspired and left with a sense of hope and peace.
Bhupinder Kaur Gill

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