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Dear 2021, You Should KNow

Dear 2021, You Should Know

written by: Khaya Ronkainen


Dear 2021

As you make an exit, I thought you should know I’m happy to see you go. For you entered the year with an air of superiority and thought yourself better than 2020, whose antics left us reeling. You never had any intention to improve the sorry state of affairs but to push your own agenda. You made a point of supporting global crises, and then had the audacity to ask, “How bad can it get?”

I thought you should know, you have failed. Despite your ruthless endeavours, the world still stands.
You tried to wreck my home with anxiety, PTSD, depression, and a good measure of nightmares, all while playing on my worst fears.
I thought you should know, you have failed. My sanity remains intact and mindset resolute.
You might ask where do I place disappointments and losses from a year gone by.
I tell you that’s no preoccupation of mine, I’m walking away from expectations.
You might ask about deaths, grief and the unknowns as 2022 prepares to make a grand entrance.
I won’t start another year weepy and morose. For I’ve seen beauty even from the pits of darkness.
You should know, you have failed in your attempts to shrink my world. I’m still standing, and take pleasure in watching you go with your tail between your legs.


From a Believer of Naming One’s Fears

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