Cheating Death, poem by Rita B. Rose at

Cheating Death

Cheating Death

written by: Rita B. Rose


The reaper was posting names in Grim Scrolls
He sat his blade in the dirt with a clink
Surnames were etched upon gray granite stone
And when mine was carved I let out a shriek!

Inch by inch I neared the fixed reaping tool
My stoney stare on death personified
Glad a hoodie concealed this ghastly ghoul
As I seized his sickle with a hushed cry

We battled for many souls in twilight
under a crescent moon who blind his orbs
thus, swiftly I pilfered Death’s steely scythe
and me and Moon howled ‘til we could no more

For we had quelled death’s unwelcoming knell
Life was prolonged for a brief winter’s spell

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