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written by: Dr. K. K. Matthew


The life of heart rings the bell of soul
Heard through the intimacy of life and
It sounds the pulsation of soul that is
Transmitted in the holiness of stillness
To be with the divinity of the soul and
It echoes the beauty of the soul to be
Aired in silence of nature that passes
Beyond human thought and all deep
Feelings culminate to ringing of the
Inner heart that sweetly heard as the
Sound that produced when God walks
Over the soul of man and it rings again.

Dr. K. K. Mathew

Dr. K. K. Mathew

Dr. K. K. Mathew is a renowned physician, a medical scientist and a poet of repute from India. He is a reputed philosopher, and noted novelist in Malayalam. He has published many original clinical observations in national medical journals and been quoted in reputed international medical journals. Some of them are the first of their kind in medical science. Dr. Mathew has dedicated the whole of his professional life (46 years) in a rural region of India and served the rural population. He has written and published 55 books, of which 35 are poetry books in English. The International Higher Academic Council of English Literature conferred Dr. Mathew with the global genius award "Living Legend of the 21st Century" in May 2019. The international poetry group in the U.S., 'The River of Poetry' awarded Dr. Mathew with the title "The Champion of the World." Dr. Mathew is one of the prize winners of the prestigious Naji Naaman Literary Prizes for 2021.
Dr. K. K. Mathew

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