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Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again

written by: Cristina Munoz



here i go again
other self worshipping the night
eager switching off the lights
i see her glint in my right eye
putting on a little make up
while getting ready to go out
wearing Theo’s Pierre Cardin suit
i can feel myself transform
wild energy whips air clean
being wicked with her all i need

here we go again
smoking, smiling, drinking, dancing
stars of our own burlesque show
always with you power flows
electricity connects pulling me in
i can’t get over how sensual your face is
watching your eyes darkening
no wonder i bite my bottom lip

here you go again
hypnotising me with your mouth
i know where this heads
spending hours unmasked
tongues tasting troubled souls
skilled fingers seeking skin
i want your hands under my shirt
those lips scorching my throat
together we can end memory
deny the twin demons
hunting us so

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