Hidden Essentials, a haiku string by Albert Russo at Spillwords.com
Anna Shvets

Hidden Essentials

Hidden Essentials

written by: Albert Russo



fill that circle
with the sketch of your elbow
it will hum a tune

against the full moon
write your favorite phrase
nothing else but love

fight the blinding sun
as you wear your spectacles
and shut your eyes

mind that treacherous stone
it begs you to trample it
and break your toe

your skin is a landing
to a myriad invaders
which you cannot see

do not mock your feet
for they are your pillars
respect is the word

using your hands
is not a given but a gift
they deserve your praise

pay more attention
to the parts of your body
which you hide with clothes

g as in genitals
they are your most precious gems
take great care of them

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