How Far The Moon written by Don Knowles at

How Far The Moon

How Far The Moon

written by: Don Knowles



How far is the moon from where I sit
I hope not too far to catch its gaze
To feel its orbital shine reach down
Brushing my forehead with its glance
To soothe this evening’s troubles back
How far I ask
While away it spins
How fast the days stop
Then begin
In its nocturnal arch I’ll find my familiar
A constant to remember
Assurance of a gravitational pull
How far is the moon from where I rest
Then a silent answer to this quest
A finger of its rays breaks past my window pane
To caress my tussled bedtime routine
I’m not so far as it seemed
The moon whispers down to me
With a simple reflection of our sun
Our sister moon came to sit by me

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