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How To Get Ahead In Criticizing


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A three-headed movie critic, two of the heads seen the film and are trying to review it without spoiling it for the third who has not seen it yet.


How To Get Ahead In Criticizing

written by: MR.QUIPTY



Back in the 80’s being duplicitous

(or even triplicitous ) was no issue

getting by with extra talking heads

was right said Fred

many times featured in story

characters extra heads were not gory.

Come reader to that time

when Zaphod was not odd

and critics were head unspecific…

.. the film being shown …

selling cream to deal with zits

Richard E Grant persists

struggles with finding

how to get ahead in


peculiar and eclectic as

a film about man

whom two heads has.

a circumstance not lost on

Stooge (critic)

who arrived twin headed,

Curly and Moe,

whom added,

Larry, by end of the


the dilemma back at table

was to review and be able

to critique filmed fable

and have Larry enable

to read in the press

how the film impressed

Curly and Moe

without letting Larry know.

conundrum solved

two better than one



Moe and Curly

would get up early

and get it done

before Larry’s day

had begun.

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