I Can't Sleep, poetry by Devonne Brown at Spillwords.com
Ahtziri Lagarde

I Can’t Sleep

I Can’t Sleep

written by: Devonne Brown



I think.
I thought.
I have thoughts and prayers
about this.

I’m not brave.
I can’t sleep over this.
I can’t sleep over kids
torn from homes,
homeless in the middle of dark nights.

I can’t sleep over kids
when they’ve needed shoes and food.
When I think I’ve made a test too hard.

I can’t sleep
Over plays, programs, games.
The sweet, the innocent, the knuckleheads
All so proud and loud.

Bang! Boom! Pow!
Holy Star Spangled Banner, Batman,
That’s not the red rocket’s glare.


I’m not brave.
No drill or exit will get this right.
A door can’t stop a bullet
any more than I can.

I’m not brave.

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