I Survived, a poem written by Glynn Sinclare at Spillwords.com

I Survived

I Survived

written by: Glynn Sinclare



Dim and Misty, unforgotten days,
that swirl in grey luminous clouds,
with haunting memories.
But I survived.

Dark days of sorrow.
Whispering neighbours behind lace curtains.
Clergy; a splendid education for a boy.
and I survived.

Brutal discipline behind high walls.
Bereft of love or compassion.
Long and lonely nights.
Still I survived.

The brutality of loneliness.
Isolated from the living world.
Deserted by my beloved. Still
I survived.

The myriad facets of a broken child.
In institutional care with no care.
Jailers with cold hearts and cold souls
Here I am, I survived

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