If I, a poem written by Ginny M. Jones at Spillwords.com
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If I

If I

written by: Ginny M. Jones


If I offered to you a light for your darkness
The gift of which you did not perceive
Your very own prayer you now transgress
Your blessing you’re unable to receive

If I offered to you one of my warmest smiles
And you just turned and looked away
To engage instead the world so hostile
Your blessing rejected you chose the melee

If I offered to you an olive branch of friendship
And you thought to use it to beat me down
It is not I that will mourn our kinship
Your blessing now in rebound

If I offered to you a measure of comfort
In a world that’s grown so cold
And the same you willfully chose to distort
Your blessing you viewed as fool’s gold

If I offered to you a place of peace
And you moved within as a god of war,
Your troubles you have now increased
Your blessing now lost to you forevermore

If I offered to you my unconditional love
And you gave to it the cold shoulder
The same you will lose as you push and you shove
Your blessing not recognized by you the beholder

If I offered you any of these pieces of me
Earthly presence of God’s own Light
The value of which you did not see
You’ll mourn her now in your hindsight

Ginny M. Jones

Ginny M. Jones

I have always been a writer, letting my thoughts and emotions spill out on paper where I can express myself in a way I can’t do verbally. Perhaps because some things are too difficult to verbalize. Some things you can’t bear to say out loud. Once they’re given voice they become living extensions of ourselves. So, at a young age, I began to write. I wrote in notebooks and on notebooks. On scraps of paper and abandoned napkins. My mother saw this and bought me a journal for my birthday one year. I remember flipping through those blank pages envisioning my words written on them, thinking that now, finally, I could say some things! I'm still saying some things.
Ginny M. Jones

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