If They Had Their Tongues, poetry by Dr. Molly Joseph at Spillwords.com

If They Had Their Tongues

If They Had Their Tongues…

written by: Dr. Molly Joseph


If they had their tongues
what would the backwaters tell?

Of the thousand and one
days and nights that fell on its floor…
times when the shadows grew longer than the real
and faded away traceless…
Of the revels on its shore
when the moon mad lovers roamed
how they peeped at the moon taking a dip in waters serene…

how the sky, the sun the stars
made their solipsistic mirror…
How frenzied people
plied on its waves traversing in merriment
or to make a living…

how families shared moments
of togetherness and love
how bondings grew stronger
on ripples of fun, frolic
and care
with little ones near.

how Tsunamis flooded
eating up the shores…
how they survived the storms
to be back in shape for all…
for the sky, the stars, the sun the moon and man…

Yes, if they had their tongues
What would the backwaters tell?

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