Red House, poetry written by Todd Humes at

Red House

Red House

written by: Todd Humes


Windshield time on highway 86.
The artery, dark as coal
sleek and silky.
The reflectors
the yellows, whites
The dotted stripes.
A hypnotic ambush of flurries.
Frosted rails
a faint taste of chimney, chill and chili.
Nature’s giants stalking; a ghostly gloom sails.
An emerald sign emerges.
The BOLD haunting print; Red House.
Oh, the Red House.

A cracked window of amnesia.
Mighty and slender towers the 6th.
The robust eyes defending storms.
A fraudulent display from what’s within.

The steep staircase stained by the devil.
The blacks, blues
blotches of red.
Crackles from the burner
a melody of betrayal.
Cubes of haunted secrets.

Shattered dreams, battered souls.
Molded defiance.
The guilty guardians.
Oh, the Red House.

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