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Immaculate Within


Cristina Munoz @cristinamunoz8



Write a poem about Madonna. Not the Virgin Mary Madonna, about the Like A Virgin Madonna.


Immaculate Within

written by: MR. QUIPTY



Michigan’s maid. Would a Madonna death make that daughter drop

American dance dream? Not with a Chris to inspire, that girl who

Desperately seeking something left the child’s life via a Richmond bus stop.

Out of rent in NYC a Victoria forced to the phallus she prays, supplicates

Never to cry for a herself again in film or music an act to strengthen art.

New direction starts. Challenging taboos but at root still a motherless drama.

A diva that defined rhythm and used sex to connect with some wandering Father



This is an Acrostelostic. An acrostic with a word spelled by beginning and end letters of the lines.
I have taken the form a step further by hiding in the verse Christ child’s mother to refer to prompt text again.
Perhaps a hint with the notes that the title points to Virgin Mary within the words.

*Christopher Flynn is the man M points out as her encouragement to dance when young.

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