Impermanent World, poetry written by Sonal Singh at

Impermanent World

Impermanent World

written by: Sonal Singh


The sights of yesterday become memories of tomorrow.
In this transient world, there is no permanency.
Everything is always in momentum. The circle that we live in
Is moving to a beat, which is frantic, chaotic and tumultuous.

We struggle to find a place, a pit stop in this chaos.
We try to dig in, a feeble attempt at anchoring our roots.
But, in this constantly mobile and revolving world,
Positions change, situations change; life changes.

So what should we do then? Should we concede to time?
Or should we fight, try to move against the tide ripping at life?
What if we drown? What if we cannot take the pace?
It’s not like we can afford to rest, put our feet up in this race.

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