Infusion, a poem by Daun M. Wright at
Osarugue Igbinoba



written by: Daun M. Wright


Truth is a serum that may be best served
In drunkenness
Or on a platter dressed in silver and gold
Or in an apple pie crust
Or on the bare bark of a tree, raw and uncorrupted.
Even Autumn’s fallen leaves dare not hide
The crudity of what truth exposed can do
Should it be dished in sea food Gumbo
Where the taste of shellfish overrides
Spices and broccoli awaits its turn

Can beings just make stuff up and call it
Truth, because that’s how it seems in their minds
When recollection is flawed, how it was
Is not really how it is
Because one side is truth
Both sides are skewed
All sides open to interpretation

When the three-dimensional aspect of
Real truth remains unexplored
Three sides they say, mine, yours and real
Who can discern what really is?
But those who see a mirror
And digs down deep
Revelation after Revelation shows
There is TRUTH in TRUTH

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